Indigenous Heritage Policy

You’ll always receive premium quality products

L2S Engineering operates to a defined quality system that meets industry standards. Our technical and production team work closely together, deliver high quality, marine upgrades that present and perform as you expect.

You’ll receive real customer service

We aim to deliver a consistent service level which exceed customer expectations at all stages of our relationship. Our staff, who have extensive industry experience, together with our technical department combine their knowledge to offer you immediate project specific solutions.

You can rely on us to deliver on time, every time

L2S Engineering has a flexible production system that delivers the marine upgrades you require, quickly, accurately and efficiently. Our delivery and installation system is backed up by logistics to make sure you get your interior refits when you need them.

We customise our products to meet your requirements

Our staff will communicate with you to ensure you are using the best product to meet all your requirements. We customize our interior refits so that they meet your unique specification and work for you as you expect.

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